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Dried Seaweed

Welcome to our house, we’re very happy to have you. As CEO of House of Seaweed, I’m incredibly proud and truly excited to see the launch of our new website, first use of our new brand House of Seaweed. Based in Glenrothes, Fife (Scotland), we are a start-up but with years of experience amongst us and big ambitions to help realise the potential of seaweed as an extraordinarily beneficial and abundant natural resource, no matter the application.

Who are House of Seaweed? 

First and foremost, we’re a processing hub for the seaweed industry, established in August 2023. We wild harvest seaweed along a 30km stretch of the beautiful East Neuk coastline and purchase seaweed from West Coast Farmers. We have Soil Association Organic accreditation, SALSA accreditation and in 2024, registered House of Seaweed Incorporated as a business in the United States. 

Our house is made up of people with varied backgrounds and careers, it’s a great team, full of enthusiasm and dedication- we have a lot of fun together. From food manufacturing, commercial sales & recruitment to fresh produce and snack manufacturing, we each bring new perspectives, skills and experiences to the business. Everyone’s path to the seaweed industry has been different, but what holds us together is a shared drive for the opportunities seaweed holds and the benefits it brings. We are all captivated by the challenge and excited about the environmental and societal impact we can make as a crew together.

House of Seaweed team

What do House of Seaweed Produce? 

We produce powders, flakes, blends and value-added products from a range of native seaweed in bulk and small format for a huge variety of buyers from nutraceuticals, food manufacturers, bioplastics, biostimulants and many more. 

In addition to our own harvesting and processing, we offer contract manufacturing services for farmers and wild harvesters, where we provide quality control, drying, milling, branding and packaging services. 

We also produce for our brand, Oshan Scottish Seaweed, which we will be rolling out over the next 6 months including a new website just for customers of those products. So we really are a one stop shop for seaweed needs, a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands for customers and our own industry.

What’s in the plan for the future?

Sustainability is hugely important to us, after all we’re custodians of this incredible resource in a huge area off the Fife coast. We have at our fingertips an incredibly powerful native supply of functional ingredient that can help so many, and we plan to help make the most of that! We are focusing on unlocking large scale production, stabilising bulk biomass to supply industries of growing size which will impact many areas, whether that be lower carbon food, the removal of single use plastics or better nutrition. 

Our scale will support the UK and Europe continue its journey to stabilise its own supply of seaweed, reducing the vast and detrimental carbon costs of moving seaweed from the Far East and South America. Once we have finished our factory fit out, we’re itching to start measuring our carbon footprint right through the journey of the product to understand what carbon benefits we can pass on to our customers. 

We have fantastic fit out plans for our factory, significant production efficiency trials to deliver and further investment raising to focus on. As one of the newest brands and businesses in the industry, continuing to build strong transparent relationships with seaweed farmers across the UK and local Europe is very important to us and we would encourage all industry to reach out and connect with us. We are also looking at some market leading new product development for our food brand, Oshan Scottish Seaweed, so watch this space. We’ve a busy year ahead, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed. 

So reach out and get in touch, pick up the phone if you’re a seaweed farmer, or manufacturer. Whether its information you are looking for or to explore a product you need.