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Pots of dried seaweed

Buying in bulk

When it comes to trade, our customers come knocking on our door from all corners of industry. Our organic and vegan certified seaweed is as keenly sought after by pharmaceuticals as it is by the film industry (yes, even sets and props), agriculture, cosmetics and food manufacturers. 

Dried Seaweed

Ready to deliver

From bulk supply of white label consumer goods to a diverse array of seaweed species, we promise to meet your requirements with the highest quality, sustainable product on the market.
We can dry any and all types of seaweed, large or small. Our technical team can also support bespoke projects with blending, smoking and milling solutions to suit your needs, in the size and packaging formats you require.

Our seaweeds

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Other names: Laminaria Digitata, Tangle, Oarweed
Algae Type: Brown
Distinctive Feature: Kombu is from a family of seaweeds known as kelp, some of the fastest growing seaweeds in the world.
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Sugar kelp

Other names: Saccharina Latissima, Royale Kombu, Sweet Kombu
Algae Type: Brown
Distinctive Feature: Another member of the kelp family, famed for its sweet notes and often used as a botanical in the premium spirits industry.

Atlantic Wakame

Other names: Alaria Esculenta, Winged Kelp, Dabberlocks
Algae Type: Brown
Distinctive Feature: Often used as a western alternative to Asian Wakame, popular in salads and stir fries.


Other names: Fucus Vesiculosus, Rockweed
Algae Type: Brown
Distinctive Feature: Famed for its distinctive air filled pods or bladders that keep it afloat at high tide.
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Other names: Fucus Serratus, Serrated Wrack
Algae Type: Brown
Distinctive Feature: Loved for its natural nutrients - often used in the cosmetics and  skincare industry.
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Sea Spaghetti

Other names: Himanthalia Elongata, Sea Beans, Thongweed
Algae Type: Brown
Distinctive Feature: Famed for its distinctive taste and texture, used by leading chefs as a culinary highlight.
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Other names: Palmaria Palmata, Dilisk
Algae Type: Red
Distinctive Feature: Known as the bacon of the sea for its meaty flavour.
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Product format

Our seaweed comes in a variety of formats that we can refine to a precise nature.

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Milled flake

Milled powder icon

Milled powder

Whole leaf icon

Whole leaf

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Where our expertise and your needs meet

If you are looking for contract manufacturing services for your own products, we are happy to share our expertise. We can offer:

Man in protective gear lifting fresh seaweed
  1. Quality control

  2. Drying

  3. Chopping

  4. Flaking/Powdering

  5. Refining/Blending/Mixing

  6. Finished good packing/ white goods labelling

Let’s talk trade
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Our brands

House of Seaweed is home to a number of brands purposefully created to reflect the versatility and all-round magnificence of seaweed. And we're already looking to add new ones to our stable.

Dried Seaweed

Still have questions?

We’ve produced a handy seaweed FAQ to fill in the blanks. And of course, we’re more than happy to answer queries directly too.