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Man and woman sifting through seaweed wearing protective gear

Welcome to our house

The House of Seaweed is a rather special place. It occupies a modest piece of real estate in Fife, Scotland, that’s home to a state-of-the-art, SALSA-accredited production facility which processes all types of seaweed. It boasts a robust and fully traceable supply chain, so we know exactly where our seaweed has come from, and where it’s going.

a person weighing dried seaweed

The engine room

In here, process is everything. We keep a keen eye on the clock to ensure we’re sticking to critical timeframes to dry our harvests. It’s a meticulous endeavour. The hours we spend monitoring and controlling the quality of our seaweed ensure we lock in all those valuable nutrients, delicious flavours and prized properties.

Man picking up seaweed from the water

Our experts in residence

Our dedicated team are seaweed experts. They know what makes our seaweed and services unique and are committed to exacting standards, from liaising with our growers on Scotland’s wild and rugged coastline to understanding the importance of consistency and precision when working with this natural wonder.

someone scanning the dried seaweed with a device

Setting the standard

We have the most thorough inspection and quality assurance processes in the industry. But we’d never rest on our laurels. Instead, we’re looking at ways to offer more from our hero ingredient, working with R&D, academia and the scientific community. We're all about innovation and are fuelled by a collective desire to push the industry forward.

dried seaweed being poured

Drying room

We can dry any seaweed, large or small, and our techniques allow the highest consistent quality at scale. We also offer a range of refinement options, numerous packing formats and even bespoke solutions. Just tell us what you’re after.

people walking across river bed when tide is out

The perfect location

We’re only 18 miles, as the crow flies, from our own wild harvest license zone. And excellent transport links mean we’re just as well-placed for Scottish west coast farmed supplies and getting that wonderful product on its way, safely and speedily, to customers.

Dried Seaweed

Let’s talk trade

We have years of practical experience and know-how under our belt. That knowledge and expertise are here to help deliver bespoke solutions for your specific business needs.

Seaweed in the river

Our very special guest

Seaweed is indeed the brilliance in the brine. And more of us are recognising its huge potential in an ever-widening range of applications from food and health to cosmetics and agriculture. At House of Seaweed, we are driven by sustainability and efficiency, which is why our aim is to bring the Scottish supply chain together to make the most of the brilliant opportunities seaweed offers.

Come and visit

Probably best not to turn up out the blue. You can get in touch by phone or arrange to pop in. We’ll put a date in the diary and get the kettle on.